I am the poster-child for Pisces. I  am very emotional at heart, am a complete book worm and a pet lover. I love nature, I can be a complete idiot and a rocket scientist at the same time, I can be dressed in jeans one day, and in a saree the next, I can be a real pain and a darling as well (depends on how you treat me!) I have selective memory retention. I will remember what you said to me 7 years from now, but not where my phone is. I am terribly sentimental. I am also pretty much thin skinned, and get offended very easily. I am very lazy about cleaning my closet. I am extremely particular about a lot in life. I love dogs, and always always have to pet any dog that I come across.  And before I forget , I have this habit of spilling things and bumping into furniture. And I have anxiety. And I think am trying to figure life out, every day. This blog is a way of documenting my journey and my tryst with fiction writing.


16 thoughts on “About

    1. Shal- at that time I didn’t 🙂 Now I’ve started all over again. You can read anything you want to. Except for a few password protected ones. I’ll send you the passwords in an email 😀

  1. Chapofying! 😀 Very interesting ‘about me’. You should end it with something like – I’m a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma (to quote Churchill). That’d be the perfect end – line. 😀 Jokes aside, you’ve got a nice blog and even nicer blog name because that’s what got me here. Keep writing.

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