Of Thankfulness & Friends

And gratitude. And counting your blessings. There have been times over the last eight months when I have wanted to give up and give in. And throw in the towel and say – “That’s it! Am done, thank you!” But life unfortunately, does not work that way. It eggs you to go on, do the right thing, do the proper thing and get up and face your s***.

Just like so many of my truly lovely friends have. For prioritizing me over work and God knows what else and driving down in the middle of the night to fetch me my favourite tub of ice cream, thank you.

For taking over my house when I didn’t have the strength to have to face one more day, and ordering in food and stocking up the kitchen for me, thank you.

For painting my nails when I didn’t feel like taking care of myself, for dragging me to the parlour to get my eyebrows which had grown to forest levels, trimmed, thank you.

For holding my hand through what seemed like the thousandth anxiety attack over lost school uniforms, thank you.

For booking a table at a pub and asking me to come for a beer, in the middle of the day, and making sure I came and ate a whole bowl of mashed potatoes, and being motherly hens and surrounding me with your love and laughter – thank you.

For looking after Harshitha while I tried to combat yet another deadline, yet another appointment, yet another god-knows-what-now, thank you.

For knowing when I was the saddest, without even having to tell you – for ordering in ice-cream and binge-watching chick-flicks with me, thank you.

For celebrating each holiday with me, making sure am not alone – For Christmas, New Year’s, Sankranthi, Valentine’s – thank you.

For being my family when I had none around  – thank you. Whatever shitty hand life has dealt until now, I sure lucked out when it came to the kind of friends I have around.


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