Fiction 115

“You know what the saddest part of this life is?” she asks, eyes bright and open.

“Do you know what the time is?” he grumbles, patting her back to sleep.

“I don’t care. The saddest part of life is that we spend half of it worrying about inconsequential things.”

“And you chose to wake me up to tell me that, at 3. A.M.”

“No, I chose to wake you up because I was missing you.”

“I was right here.”

“You know what I mean. I had this epiphany and I had to share it before I forgot.”

“And I know you’re going to take some time, do you mind if I light a cigarette?”

neki aur pooch pooch? Why do you ask stupid questions? So I realized how I got this mark on my arm. I had walked into a tree branch on my evening walk. And I realized there was something on the tree. It was a mattress. Some soul is going to treat a tree like his home and am stressing about pointless things!”

“It took you a bump in the arm instead of the head, but am glad you get it. Now can we go back to sleep? There’s this brilliant woman who I want to hold and fall asleep next to.” he smiles as he tucks her back into his arms.




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