Fiction 112

“You should see the difference in yourself these days. I love the confidence in your eyes.” he laughs as she smothers him with kisses.

“You have very bad timing, at giving compliments, you know.” she says, unbuttoning his shirt.

“No, but seriously. You make me so proud.”

“I don’t know about that, but I make myself proud these days, though. That, for me is a huge thing. Look how far we’ve come from those days, hunh” she sighs, resting her head exactly where his heart beats.

“You’re a princess, I’ve been saying that from the start. I wish you could see yourself like I do.” he says, kissing the top of her forehead and breathing her in.

“Yeah, right! Let me adjust the tiara on my head. Are you even looking at me? Ratty shorts, your old tshirt, and don’t forget the chappals!”

“You know what I mean.” he grunts, his lips almost twitching, the first sign of seriousness setting in. “I hate it when you let the world take you for granted.”

“Yes, I do.” she replies, a solitary tear escaping the corner of her eye. “And that’s why I think I like you a little.”

“I know. Me too.” he replies, taking her into his arms and wanting, yet again to build a shell around her.








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