Fiction 107

“You know how many people think I’m good? I’ve gotten a lot of feedback and it feels so good!” she squeals, jumping into his arms.

“Hmm.” he says breathing in her freshly washed hair.

“Why are you not more surprised? You should learn to at least act more enthusiastic.” she buries her head in his neck.

“Well, they think you’re good. I know you’re good. Why should I act surprised when I know you’re getting what you deserve?”

“I give up.” she laughs.

“Give up on what?”

“Give up trying to wheedle compliments out of you when you’re not willing to.”

“Wheedle? Is that even a word? Or are you making it up just to confuse me?”

“It is a word too! Look it up.”

“You make me want to read up more, learn more, when you rant about something, I want to research on it. Isn’t that a compliment enough?”

“You do know how to shut me up.” she laughs. “No  one else has figured out how to.”

“I know other ways to shut you up too.” he smiles, planting a kiss on her lips.



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