Fiction 106

“I’m slowly becoming the black sheep of the family, I think.” she sighs, wedging her head in his arms, finding her favourite nook.

“I was born the black sheep. Do you think I’m not happy?”

“You’re another case altogether. Let’s not go there.” she smiles. “I was born white I think, then I slowly started spotting, like a Dalmation.”

“So what are you now, a sheep? Or a dog?” he laughs, kissing the top of her nose.

“A sheepdog. Now let’s get serious. I hate this feeling.”

“Why do you think you owe society anything?  Ask them to go to hell!”

“Fine. I’ll try. Can we step into the balcony for a bit now? I need a smoke.”

“I’m not dressed. I’ll have to put on a shirt. Too much effort.”

“Now why do you have to care about society? Ask them to go to hell!” she laughs, pulling him up.

Fine, you crazy child. I give up.”




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