Of practicing before preaching

FB_IMG_1459338920422So the other day,  after a particularly  bad episode of scraped knees  and band-aids and butterfly kisses,  Harshitha looked at me straight in the eye and asked –   “So Mamma,  even if am going to have lots of scars, I can still wear shorts when am grown up, no?”  All the training and reading up doesn’t prepare you enough for that moment where you want to explain how beauty is just perspective. It sent me straight back to an 8 year old me,  struggling to go back to normalcy after a bad accident which needed stitches across my face. You don’t realise how hurtful even children can be,  because they aren’t afraid of speaking their minds. You think you’ll have the perfect answer. And I thought I did.  I tried explaining how it doesn’t really matter in the long run,  and that she should always wear whatever she wants to,  irrespective of scars or anything else. “But Mamma, you don’t wear your shorts outside after your knee surgery.”  So I did the only thing that I thought would make sense. Took her out shopping and bought myself the most comfortable pair of shorts that I have ever worn.  And while this post is a little (okay a lot :D) self congratulatory,  it is a constant reminder for me to come back and read the next time I look at myself in the mirror and groan at perceived imperfections.


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