Things a 32 year old me wants to tell my 22 year old self.

1. Relax. Really. Like relaaaaaax. I know you’re getting married in six months but that does not mean you stare at yourself in the mirror and get that extra tooth removed because it’s not aligned and you think you don’t have a perfect smile. No one is going to look at your teeth. Your grin is pure joy to most people you will meet in life,  and you will be told this multiple times. Crooked teeth or not.

2. That flat stomach? Is going to be replaced with jiggly flesh you don’t recognise. You will learn to love it and every stretch mark on it.

3. People you are trying hard to please will never like you.  And that’s okay. Completely okay.  You will learn to smile at judgemental dementors. Calmly.

4. Don’t work so much. You’re going to eventually stop working full time. It’s going to turn you into a ball of anxiety on some days but you will be fine.  And you will love sleeping and reading. And reading and sleeping.

5. Early motherhood is hard. But you  will learn. With friends who will hold your hand virtually through the colicky nights. And you will make friendships for life.

6. You will learn to let go of toxic people and thoughts. You will learn that P.P.D is a real, all consuming thing that stops you in the middle of a regular day and turn it upside down. But you will learn to fight it. And how.

7. You will have lost two very important people in your life.  You will learn to smile wistfully when thinking about them,  instead of bursting into tears at the mere thought of their demise.

8. The best of all,  you will learn to love yourself the most and put yourself first. And you will know it is not selfish. At all.  So chin up šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Things a 32 year old me wants to tell my 22 year old self.

  1. good one Lakshmi and I always love reading this pointwise content rather than a lump of text. Such a clarity of thought here…. I am really happy for the bliss u are going through….I meant writing over (Corporate) work.

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