Fiction 102

“I could stay like this forever, you know? Just like this. No office, no daily drudgery, nothing else. This is all I’ll ever need.” he softly whispers, kissing her forehead, pulling her closer to him.

“Stop stealing my lines! I was just about to say that.” she giggles.

“Sometimes I wonder why we even bother talking to each other.”

“I know, right? We’re the same breed. It keeps freaking me out, sometimes.”

“Stop getting freaked out. You should trust in me more. And relax. And not keep thinking about the ten thousand things that could go wrong. We’re here, aren’t we? Together. That is all that matters.”

“For someone who claims to have no brains at all, you do talk sense, sometimes.”

“And for someone who claims to be heartless, you do say the sweetest of things, sometimes.”  she giggles, nestling her head on his shoulders, clasping her hands around his neck.


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