Happy 7th, sweetheart!

Yes yes, I know I’m four days late but the last week has just been me running around like a headless chicken.Add to that the fact that I had gone back to work after almost a week.  But then, I digress.

What do I say to you about how much of a young woman you’re becoming day by day? Nothing comes close to the joy you bring me when you show me how things could have been worse. You’ve started to become my friend, my confidante, my very own personal cheerleader. You adjust beautifully to travel, which makes it so easy to just take off and go on a drive – which just might turn into a holiday.

9We’ve had so much fun the last year, And you’ve been growing more and more compassionate, and your love for animals  just doesn’t seem to stop growing.


You have no idea how proud you make me feel when you articulate your thoughts these past few months.. You bring out the best in me, sweetheart and I can’t wait for you to gr ow up. But then, don’t grow up too soon, I want to hang on to every mispronounced word, 6 again, one more time.

You make my life so much more easier because you love my friends just as much as I do. And I think all of them love you more. Hmph. Sonia didi is your bestest friend and Sujasha didi is a taller version of your mother. Genny didi is of course the one you love to fight with.


You make me so proud, every single day. May you have a brilliant year ahead



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