Happy Birthday Teja!

I know it comes a day late, but still.

You are someone who never fails to inspire me, push me to meet my goals, and someone who tells me the truth like it is. You’ve been my best friend, my worst critic and sometimes, the final push that I need when I make difficult decisions. You’ve always been there for me, through the worst and the best times, silent and strong, like the Rock of Gibraltar. I can never thank you enough for all the times you’ve taken out time of your crazy-ass schedule just to hear me vent about the imagined troubles I had in my head. Your drive, your zeal to excel, your constant energy – these are things that never cease to amaze me. You’re so grounded in spite of achieving so much in so little time.  I love how we can not talk for weeks at a stretch, but still pick up just where we left off. I guess that’s one of the advantages of knowing someone for over a decade and counting. As you grow a year older, here’s wishing you even more success, more love and hoping your year ahead is full of travel, music and everything else that’s dear to your heart. Happy Birthday, nanna. May you always always always be happy. And don’t ever change, despite what the world might say. (Except for maybe answer my Whatsapps more often, maybe :P)  You’re perfect, just the way you are!

P.S. – This is *not* your birthday gift. It is on it’s way 😀

P.P.S – This is my absolute favouritest picture of you and H together – may you always be this happy 🙂



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