It’s been a while

Since I’ve seen you or held you or smelt your just-shampooed-but-still-smelling-of-coconut oil hair. Since I’ve held your hand and squeezed it, just at the tips of your fingers. Since you’ve talked to me about your day, filled with random stories that you cooked up just then. ( I always knew) Since you have made me laugh, uncontrollably till tears of happiness run down my face. Since you’ve made fun of my fat nose. And too-perfect eyebrows. Since I’ve had a cup of chai, talking about random nothings, sitting in our balcony. Since someone hummed “Ekhla Chalo Re” to me, just before I nodded off to sleep. Since someone’s told me the truth, as it is, no filters. Since someone’s told me exactly what I needed to hear. Since I’ve not dreamt of you or the day I’ll see you again, somewhere. Since you’ve told me how much you missed me. Since you’ve told me how much you longed for me to exist. Since someone’s held me like I am the most precious thing on Earth. It’s been far too long, Ma. Come back again, it’s been a while that someone’s loved me that unconditionally.


3 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. There’s a room for everything.. God relieves us from our everyday heartaches and mental stress so box-out all your frustrations!Life is really stressful.

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