If I could

If I could talk to you right now, I’d tell you so many things. But first, more than anything else, I would hug you so tight you’d think your bones are breaking. Given the situation, I know that is not the greatest thing to say, but what the hell. I’d try and kiss your pain away. Soothe those lines on your forehead. I notice how much more they crinkle these days. You don’t laugh as much, these days, do you? Your laughter is exactly like a child’s. The way your eyes crinkle, your grin, it can brighten up any one’s day. You should be laughing a lot more, you know. Looking down doesn’t suit you. Don’t look down and walk. Look at everyone and everything, straight in the eye. Why don’t you? I know why. But then that’s something I’ll talk to you about some other day. I’d tell you that’s it is okay to smile sometimes, just for yourself. It is okay to take five minutes off in a day to just sit and contemplate. I know you currently feel like Atlas, with the whole world resting on his shoulders. But trust me, nothing comes crashing down when you take a break. I know that’s difficult to believe. But trust me on this one. I’d tell you that your eyes belie that tough exterior that you put up. All one needs to do is look straight into them. And I’d tell you that you’re an awesome person, and I love your drive. And then, I’d hold you and not let go. Until you remember to.


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