To Ree

I know I know. I am late. Two whole days. I didn’t call either. I have no excuses. I was working, being, and all that. But I promise I did think of you quite a lot that day. You, woman, are a superwoman. Where do I even begin to talk about the endless energy you seem to have? You do so much with your time that sometimes I wonder if you have 12 extra hours in your day. Or 24. You always seem to have time to etch some time out for my random rants, pings and God knows what else. I love your writing and look forward to every blog post of yours. You’ve helped me rekindle my long lost love for baking, and for that i will be forever grateful.  I hope you had a brilliant day, love. Sending you big bear hugs, kisses and big tubs of virtual mint-chocolate ice cream.

Happy Birthday, Ree. Here’s wishing you a year ahead that’s full of madness, poetry, all the chocolate in the world. Keep rocking. Mwah!


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