WhatsApp and Youtube – God Bless You!

So, there are friends, and then there are friends. These people understand you, get you, get every single joke that you can think of, and most times, finish your joke for you. They pamper you when you need it, hold your hand when you want, let you talk when you want to, but also understand your silence. They walk into your life, completely out of the blue, and stick around for ages. They might not always be around you or meet you as often as you’d like to, but when they do, it is so easy to pick up right where you left off. But being friends with people like this is tough. Because you expect so much out of them. And because these people are also as grown up as you and have grown up things to do, like travel God only knows where, like being held up in meetings for hours at a stretch, they can’t always be accessible. And that is when I am so thankful for technology now-a -days. Because I can now click a picture and send them real time when I want to buy someone a whacky gift. Because we could be in different cities but ping each other the songs we’re listening, so we could do it together and discuss nuances. We could be doing mundane chores like laundry, but over a VC. When someone is at a pub, listening to ghazals that they know you’ll like, they’ll send you recordings, real time, so you actually feel you’re right there.  Nothing can ever come close to a hug or a shared coffee, or a shoulder to rest your head on. But until then, here’s to more of nonsensical WhatsApp conversations and voice messages. I’d go mad if it weren’t for you.

2 thoughts on “WhatsApp and Youtube – God Bless You!

  1. Hey wow.. Loved this post.. Your writing is similar to how I write.. Haha
    And loved the words – some ppl just walk into your life out of the blue and stick around for ages 🙂

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