Fiction 92

He gently sets the stray strand of her hair back into place. “Have I ever told you how beautiful your hair looks in the night?”

“Not really. But tell me now, how beautiful does my hair look?”

“Some other day. Not tonight.” he smiles.

“Why not?”

“Patience, child.”

“Sadly, that is something I have always lacked. And will always do.”

“You realize how childish you look right now? You’re this close to a tantrum.” he says,  making a pinch with his fingers.

“Whattodo,ya? You bring out the imp in me.”

“Just like you bring keep silencing the cynic in me, little one…”

“From which angle am I little, anyway? she laughs.

“From mine, you absolute nutcase!” he says as she snuggles closer.



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