Fiction 91

“So, you know what happened today?” she laughs into his chest as he hugs her

“No, but I am pretty sure you’re going to tell me, anyway.” he chuckles.

“You know too much about me. You should be killed. I will get to that later. Anyway, I went to meet a friend, and her husband might find something for me to do, he thinks I am good.”

“Well… They think you’re good. I know you’re good.”

“Sigh. You had me at that once. I am speechless.”

“You think am maroing lines to you?”

“No, I know you’re the only one who tells me the truth. Wish me luck for tomorrow? I have something in the morning am hoping for.”

“After all this time, do you still believe in luck? After coming this far?”

“I do! It’s tradition. Like I wish you good night, every day. After all this while. Always.”

“You are so difficult to talk to. Fine, Good luck. Although you don’t need it.”



PS. This post is dedicated to a person who inspired me to write again.


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