Fiction 87

“I love it when you stretch…” he says, nibbling on her ear.

“But people say it’s unladylike and all of that.”

“Who cares? You should do what you want to do.”

“One day, love, one day. I’ve gotten this far, because of you. Some more growing up and I’ll be there.”

“Because of me or thanks to me?” he laughs.

“Thanks to you, because of you, all the same thing.”

“I was just a catalyst. You’re on your own now.”

“You believe what you want to. I will continue to believe what I want to.”

“Fair enough.”  he says. “Now, where were we?”

“Right here. In India.” she giggles.

“Stop maroing my dialogues to me!”

“I will when you stop doing what you do to me!” he laughs, running his fingers through her hair. “Let’s go back to sleep.”


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