Fiction 86

“I could just lie like this, all night, you know.” he says, kissing the top of her forehead as she snuggles even more into his shoulder.

“So could I, sweetie.  You sure your shoulder’s not hurting?”

“Like I said, if something is bothering me, I will tell you. Shut up now.”

“That, my dear, is asking for too much. Ask for something else.”

“Okay, go to sleep, now.” he says, kissing her eyelids one by one.

“That is cheating. You asked for the same thing!”

“But in different words.” he smiles.

“Acha, can I ask you something?”

“Will it matter what I reply? You’re going to ask me anyway.”

“That’s right. So, why do you put up with me? I know I infuriate you and drive you up the wall most times. But still, you put up with all my tantrums. Why?”

“What would I do for entertainment if you were gone?” he asks, laughing as he envelops her in a bear hug. 



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