Fiction 85

“I miss you…” she cries into the phone.

“Don’t start again, please. I’ve had a bad day. I don’t want to yell at you.”

“Then don’t. It’s easy you know. All you have to do is smile. Try it.

“Bah!” he says as he listens to the sound of glass shattering at the other end. “What did you do now?” he laughs.

“Nothing. A tumbler got into my way while I was walking.”

“Once, for once, will you have a day where you don’t walk into things, break bones and shit? Just once. I’d like to see that, for a change.”

“If wishes were horses. So, do you want to talk about what happened today?”


“Why? Am not good enough to listen to your problems?” she pouts.

“Actually, it’s the other way round. All I have to do to relax is listen to your random nonsense. Or watch you, you fidgety little woman!”

“I don’t know whether that is a compliment or an insult. Are you calling me a circus that keeps you entertained?”

“Whatever way you want to look at it, sweetheart.” he smiles. “Now go to sleep.”


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