People who made my year good

So this thing’s been trending on Twitter, and because I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, this is exactly what I needed to see to get off my lazy ass and write! So here goes.  But first, the disclaimer. These people are the ones, who made my life better, by being in it, this past year. If you’re not here, it doesn’t mean I love you any less 😛 It just means that I’ve always been thankful for you 😀

The last year, by far, has been the best year ever. From starting to work out of home after two years of working from home, from discovering things within me that I never knew existed, to being comfortable in my own skin, and feeling empowered, and maybe growing half a spine (I still have a long way to go, but baby steps…) Anyway, I digress. So here’s to the people who I am truly thankful for, and love. *Cheers*

Gene – We’ve been friends for ages now babe, but the last year has been wonderful with you around. From our midnight baking sessions to impromptu crashing birthday parties, from book-shopping to sleepovers where we hardly slept, it has truly been an amazing year with you. I will miss you so so much, because you are the reason for my social life blossoming again. But I know you’re off to do something you’ve always wanted – so here’s wishing you a year full of loads of accomplishments, love and all the things you’ve ever wished for.

Kamala – You, I’ve known all my life. Almost two decades of knowing each other, but we still don’t run out of things to say to each other. You know which mood I am in, not even a word into a phone call, and for that I am truly thankful. You make me laugh, and make me feel like am 16 all over again. You’re literally on the other side of the world, but knowing that you’re always a phone call or a ping away, is something that I will always always treasure. You’ve seen me grow up, grow fat, grow old, and yet, we’re still the same giggly teenagers conspiring to watch “Kaho na.. pyaar hai” alone. You’ve given me strength, and held my hand, albeit virtually, through the most trying times, and I’ll always be thankful. I cannot wait for you to get back here so we can paint the town red, but until then, hugs and much love.

Sujasha – I’ve never worked with someone who I could be myself with. And you let me be. We’ve broken all myths about how besties cannot work together, in the same team, without clashes. You let me be me, pamper me, and show me how unconditional love can be. You inspire me, every day. You’re my soulmate, my confidante, my go-to person. We’ve had some epic nights together, but I love how I can just wake up in your house, make myself a chai, and come sit next to you, no need for conversation. You are my alter-ego, and it fascinates me how we give the same responses to Harshitha when we’re around her. It warms the cockles of my heart, watching you with her, and I know that she’s got another me, in you. And for that and so much more, am truly thankful.

Preethi – My love, where do I start? You make everything better, just by being there. I love how we can go on breaks and have the most stupid conversation, even with 20 other people in the lift. I love how you make me feel young(er) and giggly(ier). The courage you’ve shown, the maturity with which you’ve dealt with things, the optimism you and I share, and the way you defend me, and make sure no one messes with me is adorable. Hang on to that spirit and please never let it die.

Venki –  Again, where do I start. You’ve known me forever, since the beginning of time, it feels like. I know I bug the hell out of you, but you still are around, always, just when I need you. I don’t have to tell you that something is wrong, you sense it, and you walk me through it. Be it the saddest moments of my life, or the happiest, you’re around. And that means the world to me. It does exasperate me, the fact that you’re not as accessible as I’d like, but then, that is who you are. And slowly, I am coming to terms with it. For being the pillar of strength, and talking me out of nonsense, for making me laugh, for making me forget, for making me remember what is important, and most of all, for making me actually love myself, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I will always owe you one.


2 thoughts on “People who made my year good

  1. This just gave me tears. You made me all senti now.. I love you so much ae .. you have not just been a friend but have been such an amazing support ..someone I can always count on no matter what the situation. I can’t wait to meet again x

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