Fiction 82

“So, what is stopping you from finding me a job around you so I can work with you?” she asks.

“The day I start working with you, I’ll have to retire. Imagine, we’d be around each other all the time.”

“I have an excellent resume, you know. And have brilliant reviews that people have written.”

“So you basically conned them?”

“Yes, just like I conned you into me.” She sulks.

“You know I adore you, that’s why I keep taking your case. I don’t want to put dishti on us. You know, the evil eye?”

“I know what dishti is! I am a true blue South Indian.”

“Right. A pseudo South Indian if I’ve ever seen one. One who can’t even read or write in her mother tongue!”  he laughs, kissing her forehead. “And such a cute one at that!”


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