Fiction 81

“How did you know I was coming? I thought I’d give you a surprise!”

“Because you told me when you were drunk last night. I looked up flight timings and figured the rest out.”

“I should so stop drinking then!”

“You will stop drinking, the day I stop talking, love. So let’s not go there.”

“True that. God, I need a smoke!”

“Here..” she says, brandishing a lighter and a packet out of her handbag.

“You never carry smokes, no?” he laughs. 

“I knew you’d want one.”

“I never thought I’d ever be saying this to you, but you’re a lifesaver.” he says, wrapping his arms around her.

“It takes one, to know one, then.”


“You know what happened?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.” he laughs. 

“One of my diamonds fell off my ring.”


“Buy me a solitaire, no? It won’t fall off if it’s big. Very big.”

“Why solitaire, ya? I’ll buy you a Mercedes only. Or a helicopter.”

“Yes, please. Buy me a Mercedes.”

“But you don’t drive. Scratch that, you can’t drive.”

“Fine, buy me a helicopter. I don’t have to drive then.”

“I give up.”

“What? You can’t win when it comes to talking nonsense with me. I’m a pro. Now stop arguing and give me your hands. Mine have gone cold.”

“You should be wearing gloves, then.”

“Why wear gloves, when I have you around to keep me warm?” she smiles, drawing his hands into hers and settling in to the nook of his shoulder.

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