Fiction 80

“Here…” he says, passing her the cigarette.

“Oh wow…” she says, taking a long drag and passing the cigarette back to him.

“Why the wow?”

“Because you never share smokes.”

“Well, I knew you’d wanted it.”

“Yeah, but I always tend to make the filter wet.”

“I noticed.” he smiles, kissing her forehead. “It is okay.”

“I should be saying that to you. It is okay to take, you know. You always hate it when you take more than you give, in every relationship. But once in a while, if you receive more, like right now, it is okay. You deserve all of this. And so much more. You do not have to go on a guilt trip.”

“Every time..” he says, “Every time I think you cannot learn more about me, you go ahead and spring something like this on me.” 

“Now will you shut up and kiss me already? I think am about to cry.”

“Aww.” he smiles,  “I could kiss you forever…” lifting her up into his arms and taking her scent in. 


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