Fiction 78

“Am drunk.” she texts him. “Talk to me for some time?”

“Where are you?” he asks.

“I told you. Friend’s party.”

“I know that! I meant your location. Am coming there right now.”

“Aww. Don’t ma. I’ll be fine. I am fine. I know how to take care of myself.”

“No. You are the only girl there. And it’s scaring the f**k out of me.”

“Don’t be worried. Keep talking to me. I’m getting bored. Also, have you seen how strong I am? I will beat the shit out of anyone who dares touch me.” she giggles.

“Meri billi, mere se miaon?”

“Yeh billi tumhari hai. Tumhari rahegi. Hamesha.”

“How can you take something like that and make it sound romantic is beyond me.” he laughs.

“Well, because I am me.”

“And because you’re drunk!”

“Well, can you spot the difference? No one even knows am drunk.”

“You know why that is?”

“No, please enlighten me.”

“Nah. You’ll start crying.”

“No. I won’t. Tell me. Now.”

“You’re weird sober also. That’s why no one realizes you’re drunk now.”

“Thank you. I will take that as a compliment. Now go to sleep.”

“Now, that’s a first! You never let me sleep first. Now I have to talk to you. ” he says, propping his pillow up, preparing himself for a night of never-ending conversation.

“And they say women are complicated!”  she laughs.


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