Fiction 77

“So, you’ve not answered my question, yet.” he says, his fingers tracing her lips ever so gently.

“Mmm. What? I forgot. Remind me.”

“And they call you elephant memory, you say.”

“Well, that’s the effect you have on me. You make me forget, you silence me, sober me down, quieten me.”

“Lots of people should be thanking me, no?” he smiles.

“Oh shut up. I remember you asking me why I like you so much.”

“So, answer me. You could have been with any guy. Guys more accessible than me, guys who would give you more time, guys who are better at everything.”

“Well, they’re not you. Like the Eminem song goes – ” They just might be the next best thing but not quite you.

“You remember? After all this time?”

And it’s her turn to say “Always, ma. Always.”


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