Fiction 76

“So, what else?” she asks, settling into his arms. 

“I thought we were listening to the song together.”

“Oh yes. We were.” she smiles, playing with his fingers.

A minute later

“So this girl was singing this song in the show I was doing the other day. So so beautifully. There were a couple of glitches with the blind track, but she managed to cover it up so well.”

“What’s a blind track?”

“You know, how when you sing Karaoke, there’s music playing with no lyrics? That’s a blind track.”

“Oh. Okay. How is it okay for you to talk when a song’s playing but not me?”

“Ah. I forgot.” he replies, sounding a little hurt. “I’ll shut up now.”

“No, no, please go on. Your voice is like music to my ears. I can listen to that song anytime.”

“Every time…” he sighs.

“Every time, what?”

“Every time I think, she can’t say anything more romantic, you come up with something like this.” he laughs. “Now, shush.”


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