Fiction 75

“I’m not going to eavesdrop on your conversations, you know. You don’t have to walk away every time you get a call.” she says, pulling him back to bed. 

“You know I don’t care about that. I have to walk around when I am on a call. I can’t help it.” he smiles, stealing a kiss.

“You know what happened today morning?”  she asks. 

This morning.” he corrects her.

“Bah. Whatever. So I and this friend…”

This friend and I...”

“I’m so happy I found someone who corrects my English, for a change, but hello? I am drunk. Cut me some slack!”

“Right. On one beer.”

“You should be happy. I’m such a cheap date. I don’t eat much, drink much… You’re saving so much money.”

“But exhausting so much brain power, just trying to understand you.” he laughs. 

“Don’t even try. No point. One day I’ll write you a manual on the workings of my heart.”

“What am I going to do till then?”

“Until then, honey, you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.” she laughs, plonking herself on top of him. 


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