Fiction 74

She wakes up coughing. “Damn!” she thinks. “This is not going away anytime soon!”   A quick glance at the clock shows that it is 6 in the morning, just  a couple of hours since they’d fallen asleep.

Slowly, she pries away from the arms that held her tightly. She tiptoes out into the balcony out front. She lets out the cough that she’s been stifling inside all this while. Loudly, unintentionally.

“Why are you out in the cold?” he asks, startling her.

“Sorry, did my coughing wake you up?” she replies. “I stepped out, you were sleeping so soundly, I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Nah, wasn’t the cough. I suddenly couldn’t feel the warmth around me, so woke up.” He walked towards her and pulled her in his arms. “Come back to bed, sweetheart. I miss you.”

Holding her tightly in his arms, he walked her back to bed and pulled the blanket tightly over the both of them.  She continued to cough and he soothed her by gently rubbing her neck.

“Don’t do that ever again, okay?” he said. “You mean much more to me than a couple of hours of sleep.”

Guest post by a dear friend and a new blogger – 

Welcome to the blog world, sweetie – All the best!


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