Fiction 73

“What are you doing?” he asks as she fidgets around, trying to find a place to rest her head.

“Trying to listen to your heartbeat. How come I can’t hear it?” she wails.

“Ermm. Maybe, just maybe, because the heart is on the left side?” he chuckles. 

“Ah. No wonder. Stop laughing. You know how bad my sense of direction is. This is why I don’t drive.”

“Yeah, you’re saving so many lives, I tell you.”

“Why are you smelling of Maaza?”


“Yes, the yellow, too sweet Mango drink?”

“Sheesh. That’s not Maaza. That’s Tequila. I just had a couple of shots.” he guffaws.

“Stop laughing at me. I hate it when you do that!”

“I’m not laughing at youI am just  very very entertained.” he smiles. “You’re so hilarious, unintentionally.”

“Thank you.” she says, taking a mock bow. “I do aim to please.”

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