Fiction 72

“Oy, lazybones. Wake up!” he nudges, sitting at the edge of the bed to light a cigarette.

“I wasn’t sleeping.” she smiles, holding his waist and pulling him towards her.

“So what were you doing, then? With your eyes closed?” he murmurs, tracing a line with his fingers around her lips.

“Trying to capture every sound, trying to store every memory. So I don’t forget.”

“Forget what, ma? I’m right here, with you. You know am not leaving, right?”

“I do. But then, who knows…”

“You’ve got to stop doing this you know. I am not God.”

“That is for me to decide.”

“Do not use my lines against me!”

“But you do that all the bloody time! How is that fair?”

“Because I can get away with it.”

“You want to know what I was dreaming of?”


“Of you, holding me as I sleep. Running your fingers through my hair.”

“But again, I am right here. You don’t have to dream of me when I am right here!” he smiles, kissing her brow.

“Tell that to my subconscious.” she giggles. “Now shut the hell up and let me sleep.”


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