Fiction 71

She fidgets, gingerly extricating herself from the web of their limbs, trying not to wake him up.

“What happened?” he asks, one eye slightly opening, looking around for any signs of trouble.

Nothing happened. I need to go to the loo. May I?” she smiles, finally managing to get off the bed.

“Yes. Please.” he laughs.

“What do you mean yes, please? I’m thirty and am toilet-trained. I won’t pee on the bed, you know!”

“Yes, good dog…” he murmurs, ruffling her hair.

“Which reminds me. I want a dog. I need a dog. Like now.”

“Why ma? You have such adorable puppy eyes. We don’t need another one.”

“I don’t know about dogs, but we do have an ass in the house. For sure.” she giggles, kicking him. “Now move your feet over mine. My feet are freezing!”


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