Fiction 69

“So when are you getting here by?” she asks.

“I told you. I might or might not come home tonight.”

“Bah. Please?”

“Okay, Okay! I will be there by one or two in the morning. Don’t wait up for me. Just make sure there’s food for me.”

“Right. I haven’t seen you in over a week. Of course I’ll wait up. What do you want to eat? I’ll rustle something up.”

“Anything. Food. I’ll talk to you later. I gotta go now.”

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rings.

“You’re here!” she screams running into his arms. “I thought you’d be late.”

“So did I. But I finished up early. Let me at least get these bags off me first.”

“Bags, schmags. You can handle the weight. Now come here.” she says, jumping up to hug him even harder.

“I’m loving this arrogance in you. I wish you’d show a little more of your backbone with others too.”

“I do. Imagine if am like this with you, how I am with the others.” she smiles. “Now shut up and kiss me.”


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