Fiction 68

He holds his hand to her forehead, as soon as she touches his arm. 

“Do you have a fever?” he asks, brushing some of her hair out of the way. 

“No, am hot. Literally and figuratively.” she smiles.

“I love how confident you’ve become about yourself. This is what I’ve been trying to tell you for ages now.”

“Well, better late than never, no?” she laughs. 

“True, that. You’re so warm-blooded, it’s so comforting just holding you. I could just fall asleep like that.” he says, snapping his fingers. 

“Aww. Go to sleep then. But are you sure you want to sleep like this? This cough of mine will keep you awake all night.”

“You know I can sleep through a tsunami if I wanted to. Let me decide what I want.” he smiles, kissing the top of her head. 




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