Fiction 65

“For someone with so much beauty, inside and out, am surprised how little you thought of yourself until a while ago.” he smiles, brushing a strand of  hair off her face.

“Well, you know me far too well. See what you made me believe. It’s all because of you.”

“No ma, its all because of you. All I did was hold a mirror up for you to see what I could.”

“Whatever. I think it’s because of you. I know it’s because of you. You believe what you choose to, and I’ll believe what I choose to. Okay?”

“Fair enough. Take off your hairband.”

“Why? My hair’s irritating.”

“No, it’s lovely. ” he says, pulling the hairband off. “See? Now just take one strand off your face and tuck it behind your ear.”

“Like this? she smiles, doing exactly that.

“Yes. Perfect.” he sighs, kissing her neck. “You have no idea what you do to me with that one gesture.”

“And here I was, thinking you hated my fidgeting.” she giggles, returning his kiss.


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