Thank you for the music – Part Deux

So you’ve all read this post. But then, I can never get enough of good music – so here are some more songs I’ve been listening to on loop, thanks to friends who keep sending them to me. 

This song – a lovely friend sent me ages ago, when I couldn’t sleep. It’s comforting, like daal-chawal on a cold, rainy day. It soothes my soul, and calms me down. H loves listening to this these days too. And though I can’t sing for nuts, am thankful for Youtube to be able to play songs for her, regardless of where we are. 

This one and this one – I can never get enough of. These songs are perfect when you want to listen to something mellow and soulful. 

This one  – a friend sent it to me only a day or so ago, but I can’t stop listening to it. There is something about the song, and the video that makes me want to fall in love, all over again. 

And finally, this – when I was having a pretty bad day. Most friends were out of town, and so was P. I needed a hug, desperately, and this song felt like one. Like a warm hug from your best friend. Comforting and rejuvenating. 





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