A long post. Brace yourself. Because I can’t seem to think of an apt title.

So, yesterday, a friend of mine posted this as her status – “SERIOUSLY don’t understand how people can just walk up to you and ask “Why did you become so fat?” I mean, is there no limit to rudeness? Don’t they stop and think that people might have a weight issue because of a medical problem? I am tired of explaining to people that I don’t need to DIET simply because I DO NOT OVEREAT!! If I cut down my food any more I will be skipping meals!! Why do I have to explain my life history to such obnoxious people?? One would expect so-called friends to be supportive not downright boors!!”

And it hit me. Hard. Because I’ve been facing this issue quite a lot lately. Random people, people who do not know me, people I’ve hardly interacted with, seem to just randomly shoot their mouths off without even the slightest bit of sensitivity.

To the person who asked me to get liposuction done. – Dude, seriously? Do you even know what my problem is or what I’ve been through? Do you even have the faintest idea about medical science? Who do you think you are, giving me advice about my weight? My doctor? I could give you a whole list of reasons why what you said is wrong and downright insensitive. But the problem is, knuckleheads like you don’t seem to get sarcasm. The irony in all of this ? You’re much younger, and much much more overweight than I am. So you’re basically a knucklehead hypocrite who thinks nothing of other people’s feelings. You seem to have no manners at all, anyway. I figured that out by the way you took my phone that was lying on my desk and went through my messages, while I was right there, tongue-tied at your boorishness. And I know you read this blog, and are on my list. You might wonder why I didn’t say this to your face. Well, there are a couple of reasons. The most important one being, because your IQ level is lesser than my shoe size, you wouldn’t be able to understand what I am trying to tell you.

Secondly, do you even know what liposuction entails? How painful that is? How many scars it leaves, physically and mentally? My best friend had it done, and he has 12 inch scars, on both sides of his hips and had to be in bed for a long time. And has to still go to the gym for 2 hours every day to maintain the body he has. So no, it’s not as rosy as you thought it would be.

What you said is wrong on so many levels, that I cannot begin to list them here. It’s taken me 30 years to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin. I am not going to let you or any other f**ktard take that away from me. There is more to a person than what you see. And the day you realize that, you will be a much better person.  So instead of being an insensitive jerk, how about you go work on yourself first? The world could do very well with one less village boor.


3 thoughts on “A long post. Brace yourself. Because I can’t seem to think of an apt title.

  1. Ok … Let’s answer these from the least to most important :

    (1) Title: I’m not fat, just well rounded all over lol

    (2) As for the Liposuction: Bukvorm’s reader to whom this was intended for -> Liposuction, Dermolypectomy and other cosmetic surgery for fat reduction have a maximum shelf life of 6 months for me, but depending upon your body type and dedication, you may squeeze out another month or so before you go back to your original weight and size. The reason is simple, if you didn’t work out before you went for the procedure, chances are you will have even lesser urge to do that after the procedure as the habit was not inculcated into you at all, that is what let you get to that size in the first place.

    Bukvorm is right about the fact that it leaves not just physical scars, but mental and emotional scars as well. The physical scars start from one side of the hip to the other, imagine having “The Joker” kind of Black/purple scars which cover the half your abdominal circumference and no, even after 3 years, they haven’t faded or gone, they are there as a constant reminder of my biggest regret in life.

    (3) Insensitivity: There are some people who are blessed with the “Foot-in-mouth” disease. How to spot if you have it?
    (a) You have very few friends: because after you open your mouth in front of them once of twice people generally try to avoid you
    (b) You use mean/nasty comments to degrade others when you yourself may have the same flaws
    (c) You don’t bathe often : Ok…. there is no correlation between your oral hygiene and insensitivity but suffice to say I don’t like you either.

    (4) Most Importantly Bukvorm, this is for you. Remember I told you once that you can’t please everyone in the world? Same thing here. First please yourself, then those 3-4 people who mean the most to you in the world and then F**k the rest (pardon my French)


    1. Bwahahaha. Lucid, You hit the nail on the head every. f***ng. time. It didn’t affect me as much as before, actually only a fraction of how much it would have, but I needed to let it out. And what other place than this. Hugs for being so brave and talking about things like this, which are taboo.

  2. atleast it was weight for you.
    I just completed a year (c’mon is it too long??) and this friend asked me three months back to back ‘Ah, ahem so any good news?’..Hello? Am I supposed to give random people my report on what happens in my bedroom?

    This was still fine, but why conclude that I will never going to have kids, or is suffering some ghastly infertility issues, that they feel free to give me advise of sex positions(REALLY!! How much does it take for somebody to act like a jerk like this?)

    This from somebody who herself took 3yrs to have her first baby!

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