You never are prepared for a time when you won’t have someone around you. You think, this is it. I’ve found my best friend/soulmate/ the love of my life. And then it hits you. They have to move away. For a very very very good reason. You’re ecstatic about the opportunities set ahead of them. Tears of joy well up whenever you hear a good thing about their future plans.  Your chest swells with pride when you hear about what they’re achieving already. But then somewhere, deep within your heart, there is a fear. Will you still remain the way you used to be?  Will the friendship still matter? Will nothing change?  You obviously can’t voice them out loud, because you’ll sound selfish. But then, maybe we all are. A little selfish. Maybe it’s okay not to be superhuman.

And then you look back at your friendship and the love you share. That there have been times when you’ve not spoken to each other for months at a stretch but have been able to pick up the phone and start just where you left off. You realize that no matter what happens, you are going to be there for each other. Nothing else matters. Just like the song. So here it goes. I’ve said it all. It’s out in the open.

Have fun, you. And always remember you will find me just around the corner. Wishing you well. Always. Here’s a song for you :

“So close no matter how far 
Couldn’t be much more from the heart 
Forever trust in who we are 
And nothing else matters.”


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