I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. I could make up a thousand excuses but I do have one that covers most of what has been happening. Life. In short, I just got a little busy with life.  And then there was writer’s block, which hit me hard. But today, I read this post by my favourite blogger ever, The Mad Momma, and then, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about.

About a month ago, before whole knee dislocation incident and before Summer reared its ugly head, I went downstairs with Harshitha. I thought I’d get off my behind and walk around while she played or cycled, two birds with one stone and all that. So we went, chattering, as usual. She let go of my hand mid-way and ran to a bunch of kids who were playing a game of catch. I watched her ask another little girl, almost the same age if she could play along. And I was appalled at what I saw. The girl, all but four years of age, held H by the shoulders and went “I do not want to play with you. Understand?” As I stood there, dumbstruck, H went up again, this time to the whole group and asked if she could join them. And this time, the girl’s elder brother, went up to her and told her off in almost the same way. I walked up to H and took her away, promising I’d play with her, and we did. I was so tempted to step in, though. Tempted to talk to the kids, ask what their problem was and why anyone would speak that way to a four year old. But I knew I was too livid to make conversation with anyone, leave alone a bunch of kids. Today, I look back and think I should have done something similar to what TMM did. Talk to the kids, maybe convince them.

H asked me the same question almost ten times that day, “Why Amma?” And I wish I had an answer. I still wonder what drives children to act this way. Do they observe cliques and adults and imitate them?  How do we put an end to this? Maybe we start by educating our children a little more about kindness. Maybe we do what TMM did and walk up to them. I don’t know. But I know am not going to seethe in anger or keep quiet anymore.


2 thoughts on “Children

  1. As a mother it kills you to have your baby experience these “realities”!!! Whether is it bullying @ infancy or clique-mimicking from adults around….we wish we can protect our children–truthfully we have to let them experience all of this and more. We as a parent have to be there when they stumble; fall; cry;hurt; rejoice; succeed. That is our gift to our children, to be that one constant in their everchanging lives!!!! Tough, we will cry and hurt with them or more…but

  2. you should have given them one raaptaa…. remember the word from KNPH?? anyways either they would have got treaten that way before or they would have learnt it from elders. Forget them H darling you deserve better group of kids since you are not a 4yr old at ur heart and mind you are wayyyyyyyyyyy above.

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