Fiction 60

“So, how are you going to reach there?” he asks.

“Am booking a cab. Argh! I hate not knowing how to drive. Life would be so much easier.”

“For whom?”

“For me, of course. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about logistics and stuff like that all the time when you’re not around.”

“I think it’s better that you don’t drive. You’ll be doing society a favor. Think of it as charity, really. You’re giving someone out there a life. Think of the chaos out on the streets that you will be causing!”


“No, really. Imagine – because of you, there are people out there, still driving in peace. Walking safely, being able to get back to their loved ones at home. All of them would be thanking you, if they knew of the favour you’re doing them.

“Nonsense. I can learn to drive if I want to.

“Right. Who got lost in the next lane the other day?”

“What does that have to do with this?”

“Drive. Sense of direction. Road sense. You do the Math. Actually, don’t. Knowing you, you’ll mess up that answer as well.”

“For someone who claims to not listen to my rants, you sure do know a lot about me.” she giggles.


2 thoughts on “Fiction 60

  1. Lol! This conversation sounds very very very familiar. Could bring out the laughter again anyway!

    At this rate you could write a book

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