Yes, this is for you. You’ve been stellar through the last few months, but I know how hard it has been and I know how stressful it has been. I know I wasn’t around as much as I would have liked to. But people who are as awesome as you, people who struggle so much to make things happen, instead of just flowing with the tide, people who value knowledge and hard work, and people who always aspire to be better, eventually get where they’ve dreamed of. Eventually, it all works out. And there might be times when you look at the past and want to re-write it, but trust me, it has only made you a better person (Yes, I know you’re perfect already, but still :P). All the frustration, all the sadness, it’s gone now. And you have such a beautiful life ahead of you. I know you’ve just started but you are going to achieve extraordinary things, and I’ll be there, cheering you on, wanting a ride in the BMW X1  that you’re going to buy. And I want a dedication in that book you’re going to write. First page, in bold, nothing less, mind you!

I am sorry if I’ve irritated you with nonsensical questions or stupid jokes when you were in the midst of a lot of nonsense, but I hope you will know that I was just trying to distract you and keep your mind off things, in whatever way I could.

So – congratulations and all the best. My wishes and love will always be with you. Always. And you know where to find me if you need me. Hugs!


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