Fiction 57

“So you really think I haven’t put on weight at all? I feel fat.”


“So there is absolutely no change in me? At all?”

“There is. The haircut. Hotter.”

“Aww. Thank you. Why the sudden flood of compliments today? All well?”

“What other compliment?”

“You just said some time ago that you love talking to me!”

“No I didn’t. ”

“Yes you did.”

“Must have been a slip of tongue.”

“Admit it.”


“Oh God. You sound like a teenager now. So cute!”

“Cute, my left butt-cheek!”

“Yes, your left butt-cheek is also very cute. What were we discussing in the first place, by the way?”

“I lost track two minutes into the conversation. With you, everything turns into something else in five minutes.”

“And that, my dear, is one of the million things you love about me.” she laughs, kissing him right on his dimple while he tries to hide his smile.


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