Fiction 56

“You’re shivering!”

“Yes, Einstein, it’s Winter and am cold.”

“No, I mean this is not normal shivering.”

“Yeah, I tend to do that sometimes. The doctor said it was one of the side-effects. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“No, I am going to do something… And remember – this is only once, and am not going to ever do it again. Lie still.”

“Ooh. Interesting!”

“Trust you to come up with stupid jokes at times like these. Lie still!”


He proceeds to rub her hands and feet vigorously to get her blood pumping. Then slowly massages her hands and feet. 

“Feeling any better?”

“Yes, much. Come lie down now.”

“And now, you’re hotter than me!”

“Yes, and am very proud of it. Thanks for the compliment though!”

“You know I meant temperature you ass! Stop making stupid puns now. Come here.”

She slowly puts her aching head on his shoulders. “Can you do that thing that you do? The head massage? It’s hurting very badly now.”

“Come here, child.” he says as he slowly runs his fingers through her hair. “Better?” he asks.

“Yes, much.” she lies through gritted teeth as a solitary tear escapes. 


4 thoughts on “Fiction 56

  1. I love reading these, but curious – why does the heroine shed so many solitary tears? I think it would be more satisfying if she was content or feeling happiness or expressing her feelings in quiet joy. Not trolling – just my opinion. 🙂

    1. I would never think of this as trolling – ever! 🙂 I think I should look at that a little more closely now – I’ve never realized, consciously that this is happening! Thank you. Also, this solitary tear was because she’s lying to him that the pain’s gone, when it’s actually still there 🙂

  2. Yup, makes sense. I don’t know how to describe the feeling you get when you are sad but not really, and you are saying you are better although deep down you are hurting. But you do something affirmative while unconsciously you make an action that says otherwise. Sorry, this is just me being crabby and asking for a mentally-stronger protagonist because I like her, and want to like her even more!

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