Fiction 55

“What are you eating?” he asks, turning up his nose like a small child who’s just been served asparagus.

“Oatmeal.” she smiles.

“Ah. What will the Oats eat then?”

“Sigh. That’s a new low. Even for you!”

“What do you mean, even for me?”

“Well, you are the king of PJs, but seriously, this was pathetic.”

“No one’s ever spoken to me this way, you know. Ever.”

“Maybe they need to.” she giggles, ruffling his hair.

“You know that irritates me. Right?”

“Yes, all the more reason why I feel like doing it. I like troubling you.”

“You bring out the best and the worst in me, you know.” he smiles.

“And that, darling, is what keeps me going,” she laughs, kissing his unruly mop of hair.


2 thoughts on “Fiction 55

  1. Someday… One day I hope this will be all compiled together into a book so that I will make head or tails of what I’m reading.

    I’m reasonably sure the end is a big “Gotcha!!!” It was a dream.

    Wait… So the character is dreaming inside a dream….. YOU’RE RIPPING OFF ‘INCEPTION’!!!!’

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