Fiction 53

“So,  you’re going to be ignoring me for the rest of our collective lives?”

“Yes, absolutely. How did you get it?” he smiles.

“Bah. You can’t ignore me forever. ”

“For.The.Last.Time. I am not ignoring you… I am doing other things here.”

“Yeah yeah. Right. Tum bhi na!’

Jao. Muje kaam karne do.”

“Oh God! You sound like Mehmood in that song. Your Hindi is pathetic.”

“Teach me then.”

“Nah. You’re cuter this way. Speaking of teaching, you promised you’d teach me how to play poker. Teach me now!”

“Okie, come bring your laptop. We’ll play Texas Hold’em.”

“Yaay!” she giggles.  “Here we go!”

“So, to start with, two cards are dealt face down and five cards placed face-up.”

“No, not here, let’s start from the beginning.”

“This is the beginning.”

“No no, I meant so what is each card called? I know that the ones with hearts are called hearts. How about the other stuff?”

“I give up!’ he laughs. There is no way in hell I’d be able to teach you all of that!”

“But you promised!” she wails.

“But you’re cuter this way!” he smiles, squeezing her in a tight bear hug.


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