Fiction 52

“Do you have a pair of shorts?” he yells from inside the bathroom.

“Nope. I don’t.”

“You do realize that I see you every night, right?”

“I meant I don’t have any right now that you can wear. I’m huge, and you’re tiny.”

“That’s one of your many misconceptions about yourself.” he says walking out and holding her at arm’s length first and then taking her into his arms.

“What?” she smiles.

“Yeah, you think of yourself as this fat, huge girl. Which is not the case.” he says, moving her hair away from her neck and kissing it.

“That is one of the sweetest things you’ve ever said to me.”

“Me? Sweet? ” He sighs. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

“I’m the only one who can see through the facade that you put up.” she says kissing his forehead. “You can try as hard as you want. I’ll always know what you actually mean. Sooner or later.”

“Then what about those messages you keep sending me saying “This is it.” and all that?”

“Well, I get pissed off with you and then, I remember.”

“Remember what?”

“What you said to  me once ages ago. That when I hate you the most, that’s when you are trying to turn me stronger.”

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