Fiction 50

“So…do you really have to leave so early in the morning?”

“What part of the explanation that I just gave you did you not understand?”

“The part where I think with my heart and you with your brain.” she smiles.

“Right. Why are you holding me so tightly?”

“Why, is it hurting you?”

“Not really, am just curious.”

“I’m scared that if I let you go, you’ll go away.”

“Will you sleep better if I give you my car keys and you put them in your pocket?”

“No. I trust you not to go.”

He kisses her eyes. “You know I never lie, right?”

“Yeah. One of the thousand things I love and hate about you.”

“Am going to be around. I’ve told you this a thousand times. Just because am not with you doesn’t mean am not there.”

She starts shivering. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just one of those things.”

“Come closer.” he says. And starts rubbing her hands. And then her feet. She starts giggling.

“What? This is therapy.”

“But it’s ticklish. Let me show you how it feels. Can I massage your feet?”

“I’m always game for one.”

She massages his toes. And then moves on to the ankles. Pressing them as hard as she can. Deliberately. He laughs. That hearty, disarming laugh that she loves to hear.

“See?” she smiles. “It is ticklish!!”

“No its not!” he laughs, pulling her close and ruffling her hair. “You have no strength in your hands at all. They’re like a child’s hands. That’s why it’s funny!


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