Fiction 49

“Are you asleep?” she nudges his foot.

“Yes.” he mumbles.

“How can you be asleep and be talking at the same time?” she giggles.

“Because I was asleep until you woke me up. It is the tenth time in the last one hour that you’ve woken me up.”

“I never said I am easy to live with.”

“Or sleep with. For that matter.” he grumbles.

“Talk to me na? It’s not that difficult. Jewels won’t fall off out of your mouth!”

He turns, holding her head that was nestled on his shoulder all this time and trails his finger along her lips.  She stops the sentence she is midway through. And then there is silence.

“Hmm..” he says. “What happened now? Jewels and all that crap?”

”You’re impossible.” she giggles. Burying her neck in his shoulder and nuzzling.


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