Fiction 48

“I cannot sleep.” she mumbles. “You know I hate sleeping alone. Why couldn’t you have come along?”

“Because I have work. ”

“Yeah yeah. Right. Am going to order a drink for myself and go to sleep after that.”

“Be safe!”

“Yes I will! Go now. ”

Ten minutes later the phone rings.

“What is the name of the place you’re staying at?”

“Why? Are you coming?”


“Yaay! Okay you get here and give me a call. I’ll come down.”

“No need. Its the dead of the night and you’re a girl. I can handle myself.”

15 minutes later

“You’re here!”

“Yes I am. Open the door.”

“You’re actually here.” she says running to hug him.

“Cant you wait until I come inside at least?”


“You’ve grown shorter” he laughs.

“Right. I’ve grown fatter, not shorter!”

“So, we’ll go to sleep now?”

“You drove down 200 kms to sleep here?”

“Yes , and I’ll be driving back early tomorrow morning. So I need my sleep. Chalo – get to bed.”

She crawls into bed next to him, listening to his heartbeat as it slows down back to normal.

“Why was your heart beating so fast?” she asks.

“Close your eyes and go to sleep.”

“Nah. I’d much rather be talking to you.”

“You keep saying “watch over me” when am away, and when am actually holding you, you want to talk?”

“Yes. You know that Aerosmith song? From Armageddon? I’d sing it for you right now – if I could actually sing!”

“You are mental. You do know that , right?

“And you’re like a coconut. All hard on the outside but mushy and sweet on the inside.”

“Such romantic lines. I’m flattered.”

“Well, I am learning from the best, aren’t I?”

“Yes you are ma. Now. close. your. eyes. and. sleep.” he says. Each word interspersed by a kiss on the cheek, and finally ending with kissing her eyes.

“But I don’t want to!” she wails petulantly.

And as swiftly as he can, he moves on to her lips, savoring each butterfly kiss for an eternity until it ends in a long, passionate one.

“What was that for?” she laughs, finally when she catches her breath. “Not that am complaining!”

“I was checking to see if at least that would shut you up.” He laughs. “Now sleep.” He says, drawing her closer and pulling up the covers around them.

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