Fiction 44

“You’re tired? Busy?” she asks, nudging him with her toe…


“Then why no talking?” she pouts.

“I like to listen. And watch.”

“Yeah, yeah..” she smiles.

“I’ll tell you what all happened today?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Bah. Fine. You tell. Where were you all day?”


“That isn’t even a valid answer! So, let me make it easier for you. You were busy collecting stamps for your collection? You were taking a woman from Austria all around town, flirting with her, you were busy doing paper work so boring that you couldn’t stand it any more so had to go grab a drink and ended up in Goa, and then came back by the 7 pm flight?”

“Yes, all of the above things!”

“That’s not humanly possibly in a day.” she giggles, tying her hair back in a knot and now gingerly playing with a strand of hair.

“Leave the hair alone.”

“What does that mean? Tie it properly or leave it open?”

“Leave it open.” he smiles.

“There you go.” she says, pulling the scrunchie out of her hair, and shaking her hair out. “Better?”

“Yes, much.”

“You haven’t said one nice thing to me all day.”

“Your nose isn’t the best I’ve seen…”

“How the ***k is that a compliment?!!” she yells.

“Well, you didn’t let me finish.”

“Oh, okay, am sorry, finish it please? she flutters her eyelashes.

“I won’t. Buzz off. You ruined it for me.”

“Aww. I promise I wont interrupt this time. Go on.”

“Hmm.. Sigh.. Okay… Your nose isn’t the best I’ve seen but.. these lips.. that hair…”

“Finish the sentence.” she giggles.

“I have finished the sentence. If you can’t understand it, then its not my problem.” he says, enveloping her again in a hug.


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